Start a Hosting Company. It’s Free!

Did you know you could be earning money right now? That’s right, you can start your own reseller hosting company with £0 investment!


It’s never been this easy to start your own business. Our Resellers Program offers a simple business model where you resell web hosting services without having to invest a single cent. We’ve created multiple tools that will help you launch your own hosting store quickly and effortlesly (no coding required!). From then on, you’re the leader of your own marketing model and you fine tune your own custom prices. You get our wholesale prices, set your own retail prices, we charge the client for you and you receive your commission or you use your own gateways and pay to us wholesale price only. The reseller hosting program is the perfect solution for you if you’re ready to undertake something new, profitable and easy!



Web Hosting

Reseller Hosting




COST FROM $20 - $100+ Monthly
  • Create an account (PAID)
  • Set up plans (in WHM)
  • Set up plans & pricing (in your billing account)
  • Link billing account and WHM
  • Link billing and domain reseller accounts
  • Build your website
  • Link your website with your billing account
  • The process can take FROM ONE FULL DAY TO A WHOLE WEEK
  • Total cost: FROM £20 - £100+


  • Create an account (FREE)
  • X
  • X
  • X
  • Optional (Use Store Front or Build your own)
  • Optional (Use our Gateway or your own)
  • X
  • The process takes 30 - 120 MINUTES
  • Total cost: $0.00 - FREE FOREVER
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How Does the Free Reseller Hosting Program Work Under the Hood?

Watch this explanatory video and learn how you can start a web hosting company without any technical skills and no up-front investment at all!


A reseller program is a platform via which you can sell different products provided by a third party company to other customers as if you were the original provider. On the web hosting market, there are a lot of successful businesses that started as a reseller hosting initiative. Today, there are two major types of reseller hosting programs – free and paid. With free reseller hosting platforms you invest your time and with paid reseller hosting programs – your money.

A reseller hosting account is the account you create with a reseller hosting provider in order to start selling web hosting services to customers. Depending on the provider, you can have a free reseller hosting account where you don’t pay for the hosting services and sell pre-made packages. A paid reseller hosting account is where you buy a certain allocation of resources and create your own hosting packages in accordance with that total allocation.

There are many ways to become a web hosting provider. The most popular way is to become a hosting reseller. Another popular way is getting a server (a VPS or a dedicated server) and start selling hosting accounts off that server. However, the most economical way to become a web hosting provider is to join a free reseller hosting program, this does not require any deposits or upfront investments from you.

Setting up a hosting company from the ground up could be hard. You will need a server to sell from, billing software and the expertise to support your customers. An easier way is to opt for a reseller hosting account whereby most things will be provided for you either free of charge or will be included in the monthly subscription price.

If you want to sell web hosting services as a reseller, but you don’t want your customers to know you are a reseller, you need a white label reseller hosting solution. White label hosting means the hosting provider leaves no identifiable mark on the services, and this allows you – the reseller, to present them as your own. This helps to establish your name as a genuine web hosting company and build stronger relationships with your customers.

A web hosting business is any business via which you can sell web hosting services to customers. You can sell any type of hosting service – from shared hosting to dedicated servers and sell them the way you like – either via a reseller account or by buying your own hardware and selling it afterwards. Running a web hosting business could be hard but it could also be very profitable if you manage to attain high customer retention rates.

Starting a reseller hosting business could be hard in the beginning but it could become quite profitable over time. The majority of hosting customers will remain with a certain hosting provider for years as long as the service is stable enough and they don’t encounter many problems. However, one thing to keep in mind – with a paid reseller hosting account you need to pay each month, no matter if you make any sales or not. With a free reseller hosting provider there are no monthly fees to cover, so it’s much easier to start out and you will make a real profit after the very first sale.

Its a two way for collecting a payment from your clients

  1. You use your own payment gateway (Recommended due to branding issue your client see your own gateway)
  2. Use our Servercraze payment gateways (Not Recommended due to Branding issue on gateway name)

 If you have your own gateway (otherwise use our gateway ask to support for enable for you)

Set Up Independent Payment Gateways Available in Servercraze Store:

    • 2Checkout
    • Authorize.Net AIM
    • Bank Transfer
    • Billplz
    • PayPal
    • Payflow Pro
    • Stripe
    • WePay

FREE Migration Service

Worried about migrating from another provider? Let us take care of it for you.

1. Contact Support

The first step to migration is easy! Just purchase the hosting account you require and raise a ticket with our support department, providing access to your old hosting account.

2. Relax!

The second step is even easier - relax! Our support team will carry out the migration for you from your old provider, with your domain still pointing to your old host.

3. Check and Go-Live

Time to make your site live in its new home The final step is for you to verify your site is working before updating your domain. Once you are happy, just update to our nameservers!

We are able to provide a free migration facility from both cPanel and Plesk hosting providers. If you are looking for migration assistance from another control panel, then a migration fee may apply for the manual work involved

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