Independant, Honest and Reliable

A unique and powerful hosting platform designed for enterprise performance, built on the foundations of something beautiful.

75,000+ Sites and Counting

Servercraze is now proudly managing the hosting infrastructure, hardware and platform for 75,000+ websites, blogs and systems.

Family Owned and Run

Servercrazeis a hosting brand privately owned and operated in the Pak. We now provide one of the UK’s fastest-growing hosting platforms designed for the reseller market.

Performance Stack

Our unique stack offers unparalleled performance for your websites. Your accounts lovingly hosted on pure SSD drives right here in the UK and USA

About the company

A little over 2 years ago, ServerCraze started providing design and development services under an alternative brand. For the past 1 years, ServerCraze has developed a range of products specifically for the reseller hosting market. Now, we are a ‘proud-to-be’ small team of talented individuals with a genuine passion for site speed and performance.Throughout the years, we have worked on a huge number of design and development projects which has given us the first hand experience we needed to know what makes a perfect hosting platform. We had ‘tried them all’ and with that knowledge behind us, built our own incredibly fast, reliable platform dedicated to resellers. We fully manage and maintain our own hardware, hosted in a data center in Coventry, UK.

Servercraze Web Solution
Ghala Mandi Road, Near Employees
Chowk, Layyah, Punjab,PAK
Our Hours

10:00 AM – 08.00 PM
Monday – Saturday 

Contact us
Office: +92 606 411 171
Help Line: +92 301 720 5926
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